Daily Archives: 8 April, 2011

Message from James

Hi everyone!

Sorry there has been a distinct lack of posting recently. I have been very busy putting the finishing touches on my first book, which is due to be completed in a matter of weeks now – last minute research, writing, proof-reading, sourcing illustrations and thinking about forewords takes up a hell of a lot of time! I hope it will be worth it once it hits the shelves.

None the less, there are still some momentous events going on around the world – Libya, for one – and there has been plenty of discussion in military and defence circles about the Strategic Defence and Security Review. And how about us selling RAF Largs Bay to the Australians for around £50m? Built four or five years ago for £100m!

Rest assured I also have a pile of books awaiting reviewing as soon as my own is finished!

In the meantime, if anybody would like to ‘guest-post’ them please feel free to email me any stories or discussion papers you think might be suitable for posting here.




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