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HMS Daring damaged in tug collision

HMS Daring outward bound from Portsmouth Naval...

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I’m sure you’ve all seen the reports about how HMS Daring was damaged yesterday in Southampton Water, when a tug – civilian – lost power and collided with her. She was in Southampton for a port visit.

Daring hot-footed it back to Portsmouth today in order to be examined, and as chance would have it I was sitting eating my lunch on the hot walls in Old Portsmouth when she came in.Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, but I’m sure some pics will surface soon. She’s got a couple of not inconsiderable dents in her starboard side amidships, just above the waterline at tug-level, and a scrape running all the way down to the aft section. Hopefully it looks worse than it is, but it seems that half of the tugs black paint came off onto Daring too! Looks like somebody’s going to be doing some warship-sized panel beating…

The RN has had bad luck in recent years with collisions. Of course there was also the HMS Endurance flooding incident in 2008, and HMS Nottingham almost sank after hitting an uncharted rock off Australia some years ago. I’ve often wondered why the Navy insist on using dedicated tugs when coming in and out of harbour, while bigger commerical ferries glide alongside on their own. The use of tugs is probably down to the HMS Vanguard incident in the 1960’s, when Britain’s last old style Battleship ran aground on Portsmouth Point on her way to the breakers yard. Not too much harm done, but very embarassing…

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Theres some footage of the damage here courtesy of the Portsmouth News.



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