How to Make a Royal Marines Officer (1989)

I’ve found this rather interesting programme on BBC iplayer showing the training of a group of Royal Marines officer trainees undertaking the Commando Commissioning Course at Lympstone.

It’s quite interesting to note the training for officers compared to men – more focus on initiative, not so many extreme bollockings but the same physical and mental tests. As one of the staff mentions, the idea is that the young officers who if they are comissioned will be commanding a platoon of 30 blokes, many of them older, can stand in front of their men and provide a good example and not be embarrased. It’s always intriguing to see the NCO’s staff berating the ‘young gentlemen’, calling them all kinds of things, suffixed with a ‘sir’. But every green beret in the Royal Marines will have done the same training.

I’ve always found the psychological aspect of military training pretty interesting, as it can apply to other fields and professions. The skills of leadership in particular are fascinating – how do you pick out a leader at 18 or 19, from the thousands of applicants? It’s entirely possible that from those humble beginnings, one of them might end up as a Major-General commanding the Corps.

The lad from Barbados attempting the Commando Course during winter in particular seems to have had a pretty tough time!

Click here to watch (UK only)



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3 responses to “How to Make a Royal Marines Officer (1989)

  1. Not sure if you get this channel on your side of the pond, but over here, we’ve started getting “Shorts”, which is (as the name suggests) collections of short film subjects. They have NO schedule, which is highly frustrating, but I’ve seen a number of British subjects (lots from the COI), including an incredible one on French troops living in the Maginot Line, Christmas of 1939. I know a fair bit about the Line, and in your terms, I was gobsmacked by this film – right down to a filming of a Christmas Eve service, setup at an intersection of two of the electric rail lines used to move men and shells. Incredible stuff.
    Hope all’s quiet over there. We’re waiting for “Frankenstorm” – I’m clear here in Ohio (except for cold rain), but the East Coast may get slammed!

  2. x

    I keep on meaning to watch this on iPlayer. The clip that always stays with me is when the YO is sent back down a hill carrying a full bergen. I think the sergeant’s words were “Not enough effort sir. Back you go!” I have two hopes with BBC re-releases. One that HMS Brilliant never ever surfaces again. Two that they release all three series of the 70s opus Warship on DVD or online for a reasonable price per episode.

  3. Police reported Spanish School

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