Band of HM Royal Marines – Abide with Me

Graduating musicians from the Royal Marines School of Music in Portsmouth play Abide with Me during the Graduation Beat Retreat in Portsmouth Guildhall Square yesterday. Abide with Me has always been a favourite hymn of mine, even though I am a bit of a heathen in religious terms!



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4 responses to “Band of HM Royal Marines – Abide with Me

  1. Very awesome blog you have here! We definitely had to follow this 🙂
    Great post!!!

  2. x

    It is a bit dusty in here……..

  3. James, if it’s wrong to love hymns and not attend church, I’d have been to the gallows LONG ago! 😀 (I don’t think singing in a church quite counts as “attendance”, especially when the church was in another STATE!)
    An odd footnote, simply because it is on the TV in the background. Have you ever caught a French film called “Joyeux Noel”? It’s a 2005 production about the Christmas truce (hence the hymn connection), and I’d be interested in your take on its’ history, as you’re a bit more knowledgeable about the Great War than I am.
    And now, off to dust, so as not to offend X’s nasal passages…. 😉

  4. njohncurrin

    Reblogged this on John's Navy News.

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