Bringing Metal to the Children by Zakk Wylde

Make no bones about it, this is a VERY different book to those that I normally review here! But the funny thing is, the content and all that it represents has gone a hell of a long way to making this blog, and ‘Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes’ possible.

Zakk Wylde began playing guitar with Ozzy Osbourne in 1988, at the tender age of 19. He’s recorded 5 albums with ‘the Boss’, several solo albums, and an incredible 7 studio albums with his band Black Label Society. Not to mention live albums and DVD‘s. Suffice to say I’m a big Zakk fan – introduced to his playing by his work with the Ozzman, I quickly became a big fan of BLS. I’ve got some very happy memories of BLS related times. I was lucky enough to meet the man himself on their UK tour back in 2005.

This book, co-authored with Eric Hendrikx, is set out as a guide to world heavy metal domination. And it’s got an eminently suitable author as its a path that Zakk has trodden. Several times. To say that it’s a light-hearted look at heavy metal wound be an understatement- there is certainly something of Spinal Tap about it. Zakk sure has a lot of rock and roll stories, and he loves telling them. It’s almost impossible to know where to begin trying to sum up what’s inside. There’s plenty of swearing, and lots of shit, piss, ‘marital aids’, light-hearted questioning of bandmates sexuality and the like. Some of the touring tales had me in stitches – who the hell sets up a fishtank in the back of their tourbus, and casts baited hooks into it? How do you spend $30,000 dollars on booze in one month? And those are some of the TAMER stories.

One thing that has always really inspired me about Zakk is the way in which he quit drinking. Stories of his boozing are legendary – but anybody who drinks 15 bottles of Becks before lunchtime is going to hit a crossroads at some point. A few years ago Zakk checked into hospital with pains in his legs, and it was found that he had blood clots that had passed through his heart. Prescribed Warfarin, he quit drinking. No rehab, no excuses, no Thai meditation retreats, he just stopped. The funny thing, he did it in almost the same way that I did some years ago (no, readers, I was not an alcoholic!).

And that sums up the man, and his approach to life. One of his mottos is ‘Get it Fucking Done’. I couldn’t agree more. I get fed up with hearing excuses as to why something hasn’t been done, or people saying ‘I was I was…’ or I would love it if…’ – make it happen. If you’re trying and nothing’s happening, well you need to try harder. If you really want something bad enough – a record deal or, indeed, a publishing deal – work your arse off as if you will be sent to the burning depths of hell if it doesn’t happen. I try and write books the same way that Zakk records albums – write it, get it out there, and on to the next one.

So, all in all, not only a very entertaining read, but also with some very succint life lessons.



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10 responses to “Bringing Metal to the Children by Zakk Wylde

  1. John Erickson

    How do you spend so much on booze? The way Ray Winstone did at a convention in Texas I was also attending – find yourself wanting to get drunk in a dry county on a Saturday night, so you go down to the bar and buy a full bottle of vodka at the “per shot” price! 😯
    Besides, I can snitch on him – he still owes me for a children’s book he stuck me with at an auction. I was shilling (driving up the price for charity), and he allowed the person outbidding me to back outta the bid. Bloody little so-and-so! 😀

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