Daring knackered

, the first Type 45 guided missile destroyer e...

HMS Daring has had to undergo emergency repairs after suffering a mechanical breakdown, the Portsmouth News has revealed.

The Type 45 Destroyer went alongside in Bahrain last month for work on a faulty starboard shaft bearing. The Royal Navy seems to have wanted to keep the news quiet, and has only confirmed that Daring went into port, and not what for. A source has informed the News that a propellor drive shaft is out of alignment. Even worse, it has been ever since the ship was delivered, and the Navy knew about it. Hardly the stuff of ‘worlds most advanced warship’, as Daring has routinely been called.

Now, my knowledge of navigation is limited to the odd trip out fishing in the Solent, but if you can’t steer your destroyer properly, how do you expect to fight with it? If it steers 30 degrees to port, do you have to steer 30 degrees to starboard to compensate? Not only that, but it will place unnecessary wear and strain on other components such as bearings.

The sad thing is, after all the clamouring for British-built defence equipment, this is no kind of advert for BAe Systems. Although teething problems do happen with any project – and particularly with a first of class – surely getting the prop shaft aligned properly should be pretty basic? I can’t imagine it’s a simply thing to rectify, and will probably only be able to be fixed when Daring goes in to dry-dock for her first major refit.

I wonder what kind of warranty or claw-back is involved in the contract that the MOD signed with BAe for the Type 45’s?



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19 responses to “Daring knackered

  1. John Erickson

    Well, you’d expect a Navy like the USN to be pretty good at welding, having done it for over 7 decades on a regular basis. But gee – our bright, shiny new LCS tend to crack – fresh out of the yard!
    Then again, the B-29 Superfortress, famous for dropping the A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, went into service with the “service bulletin” to replace the top 7 cylinders of every engine after 5 hours of service, or the engine could catch fire! Considering they flew, on average, 6 hours on each mission, that’s not exactly a sterling recommendation for Boeing!
    Though I guess you can forgive a little more in wartime. Or maybe technology has advanced faster than quality control? 😉

  2. Perhaps journalists are making this out to be more serious than it actually is? They do have form for that, after all.

    • James Daly

      I’ve heard from a couple of sources that the reports are accurate. You know how it is, friend of a friend who heard from someone… you never find out who it was that originated it, but often it turns out to be true!

  3. Getting the prop shaft aligned would be (I think) pretty basic. It’s been necessary since at least USS Monitor. The only excuses I would be able to come up with are: Lazy, apethetic, incompetent, or rushed. I wouldn’t think any of them acceptable.

  4. How ironic is this story:


    “One of the most senior US naval commanders in the Gulf joined HMS Daring to see what Britain’s most advanced warship can do…..”

    • James Daly

      ‘what Britain’s most advanced warship can do’

      what, steer 30 degrees out from where the helmsman intends?

      • x

        “Left hand a bit Mr Philips!”

        or there is that Tug Cartoon which went,

        Bridge “Starboard 10”
        Helm “10 of starboard wheel on sir!”
        Bridge “Steer 270”
        Helm “Course 270 sir!”
        Bridge “Very good!”
        Helm “Thank you very much sir!!”

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