BBC piece on Falklands 2012

The BBC news website published an article earlier today comparing the Falklands War of 1982 with any potential conflict over the Islands in 2012.

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Not sure what you guys make of it, but it does seem to broadly support my conclusions.



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4 responses to “BBC piece on Falklands 2012

  1. x

    TD’s regular commentators have just done the topic to death. I suggest you have a stroll through some of the 300 odd comments. The worrying thing is the two chaps who know the most about the FI’s defences disagree.

    I am concerned about an asymmetric threat or stunt say 6000 or so ardent nationalists in ferries heading to Stanley. Or a Cod War style confrontation in the EEZ over fishing licences. I am concerned that the RN isn’t interested in sinking ships unless there is an SSN on hand. And I am not sure what use Typhoon is apart from defending the RAF RP posts. There seems to be too many RAF technicians compared with infantry, One suggestion I made was after Afghanistan that the RAF Reg be deployed down there leaving the Reinforced Infantry Company to be more mobile. MPA is the only British airfield under threat and the supposed specialist at air field defence are know where to be found.

    • James Daly

      Unless there are any new developments I’m not sure there is much more to be written about the Falklands. As somebody cautioned me recently, talking about fighting the ‘last war’ is easy ammunition for some. Who might just wear a certain light shade of blue…

      • x

        I think it holds fascination of those like me because it is a self contained campaign, fought with modern weapons, something which we lived through, and well very British! It is fertile territory for games of what ifs. It is accessible history. You could smell the cordite when you visited HMS Plymouth. I had cadets whose fathers had gone south. When visiting Devenport or Pompey there are reminders everywhere. As I commented on your piece about the RM Museum the 105mm oto howitzer that sits on the lawn outside there you can touch it.

  2. I think the South American political scene, both internal and external to Argentina, is a bit too fractious right now to support too much nationalistic BS. And as you (and the Beeb) pointed out, with satellites aplenty (and a few UAVs from us “conveniently” in the area), the chance of surprise is very small.
    And though I haven’t checked the Buenos Aires Herald in a few days, if CFK is still having internal problems with the vets from the previous “adventure”, there will be a LOT less enthusiasm among the population for another round of military idiocy.

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