Portsmouth’s WW2 Heroes – Radio appearances and signings

I’ve got a few exciting pieces of news.

Firstly, I will be signing copies of ‘Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes’ at Waterstones in Portsmouth on Saturday 7th April, between 11am and 3pm.

I appeared on BBC Radio Solent earlier today, talking about Portsmouth’s Women of World War Two. It is available to listen to on the BBC website; my interview is about 1 hour and 53 minutes in. I’m not sure if you can listen to it from abroad I’m afraid, and it is only online for seven days.

At the time of writing my book ‘Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes’ is ranked around 13,000 on Amazon, out of 5.6 MILLION books! That works out at me being in the top 0.2%! Currently, the book is also ranked at #99 on Amazon’s bestseller list for Second World War Military History. #100? Only Robert Lyman’s ‘Operation Suicide’, which I reviewed last week! I have some way to go though before I overhaul Winston Churchill and Stephen Ambrose and reach 90 😉

On Monday I recorded an interview with BBC Radio Solent, and actually ended up recording two segments – one on Portsmouth’s women who served in the Second World War, for their ‘Women in a man’s world’ series, and a second piece promoting my book in general.

My first book talk at the D-Day Museum on Thursday went very well, and the first happy customers went away with signed copies. Pre-ordered copies have been shipping out via Amazon, some of my relatives received their copies towards the end of last week. If you would like to order a copy, please see the various links immediately to the right of the page.



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6 responses to “Portsmouth’s WW2 Heroes – Radio appearances and signings

  1. x


    My copy is on its way. Between me ordering it in July and its release I lost my debit card so Amazon cancelled my order. That has been rectified and it is full steam ahead.

  2. x

    One has now received his copy! Unfortunately via the local postie and not a despatch rider. 🙂

  3. John Erickson

    Could I ask a fair-sized favour from you? Could you Email me on the side with the info I’d need to order your book? (i.e. Can I get it from the US branch of Amazon, or do I need to work through Amazon.uk) Also, is there a list somewhere on here of all the books you’ve recently reviewed? I know there were a few I was interested in.
    (Yes, my owed money has finally arrived! 😀 )
    Thanks for the info, and congratulations!

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