Portsmouth’s WW2 Heroes Book Tour underway

Last night I have my first talk based on my new book, ‘Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes’. The audience at the D-Day Museum were the Portsmouth Museums and Records Society, a group that I first joined as a committee member at the age of 17! I’ve lectured the Society three times now, so you could say I’m something of an old hand by now!

As always it was great to get out and present some history, hear some comments and answer some questions. For me, that’s why you should want to write history – to take it to people. I can’t stand why authors wouldn’t want to take their book out to people and interact with the public?! It’s like a band producing an album and then never going on tour or doing any interviews!

The first copies of the book arrived at the Museum for sale in the afternoon, and were on the shelves in time for the talk. Five lucky guests went away with the first signed copies of ‘Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes’. The book is now for sale at the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth, and hopefully early next week will be available at the City Museum as well.

I have several more talks booked – in Gosport, ironically – and a signing and talk at the D-Day Museum for the general public in March, please see my Talks page for details. I am in discussions with another couple of venues and groups about some more events. If anyobody out there is a talks organiser for a local group and you think you might like to book me, please feel free to get in touch.


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  1. John Erickson

    Congrats! I have to admit, that was the most fun part of re-enacting for me – interfacing with the people, especially the kids who were really into history. I almost kidnapped a Cub Scout who started asking VERY technical questions at a quickie presentation a friend and I gave. This kid, about 9, was asking about differences between Stukas and Dauntlesses! I could see myself, a couple decades earlier, stymieing US Navy PR men with tons of questions that no kid that young should know how to ask!
    So, can you get to Ramstein in Germany fairly easily? Just thinking, I’ll have a friend coming back from Afghanistan about this time next year, maybe I could smuggle you over here for a US tour? đŸ˜‰

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