Military Wives Choir – Wherever You Are

I have been asked to give this a plug, which I am more than happy to do. It’s a lovely idea, and a nice song to boot. Lets make it christmas number one instead of whatever rubbish Simon Cowell is peddling at us this year! I like how there’s such a cross section of lady’s in the choir, and Iespecially  love the bit at the start with the tattooed lady singing solo – I bet there are plenty of classicial afficianados doing a double take at that one!

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9 responses to “Military Wives Choir – Wherever You Are

  1. Brian Iddon

    It will be great to have a desent number one at christmas instead of the usual guff.Thanks for your excellent blog and great book reviews.

  2. x

    I have never seen the X-Factor.

  3. pompeydoomcrew

    To be fair the Shite Factor Single is the 2nd lowest seller in the History of the show… it’s sales would have peaked last week on release and apparently the Military Wives single had presales into 6 figures, I was going to champion this on my blog quite alot and I’ll probs give it a mention but honestly it’s a gaurenteed no. 1!! I mean it’s only a couple of days into sales and Cowell has already conceeded defeat to it… thats how strong the sales are! But I will admit it’ll be nice not to have X-factor drivel at no.1 at christmas for only the second time since the beginning of the show! And with this being a charity single it is much more in the spirit of the season too… even if I’m not 😛

  4. John Erickson

    That was great, and I really hope they do make number one for a LONG time. Though, I wouldn’t be completely heart-broken to see a few gents in there – after all, militaries on both sides of the Pond are taking women into more and more roles, and there are quite a few hubbies tending the home fires while the mum/wife serves the country.
    I’m sure there are multiple groups like this over here, but I think I might borrow this idea for a particular wife (of a US Army Lt. Colonel who will be Afghanistan-bound in 3 months) who will have another sad and lonely Christmas next year. So if I get sued for copyright violations, James, it’s all your fault! :p 😉

  5. James Daly

    Lets hope so. The song and the choir actually come from a BBC series that has been on recently – none of these ladies had sung properly before.

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