USS Miami

Spotted coming into Portsmouth this afternoon. USS Miami, a Los Angeles class nuclear powered attack submarine of the US Navy.




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2 responses to “USS Miami

  1. John Erickson

    Meh. Now if it was USS Chicago, you’d need to run up the gangplank (yeah, technically down), rush up to the guard, plant a big wet kiss on him, and tell him “John from Chicago says ‘Hi!'”. That way, I’d guarantee you’d end up on world wide news!
    Heck, I might even help pay your bail to get you out of the klink! 😉 😀

    • James Daly

      USS Boise was in Portsmouth a year or so ago. I went on a harbour boat tour, and im not kidding, if the tour boat so much as strayed within an inch of the exclusion zone, the sentry started tracking us through his scope. I mean, vigilance is one thing, but a harbour tour boat thats been past every 45 minutes, all day? commonsense…

      Actually one thing I am always surprised at is the turn out of US sailors when ships come in. Granted, you can’t expect an alpha procedure entry every time, but more often than not the US sailors lining the deck are wearing blue boiler suits and hard hats.

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