Portsmouth’s WW2 Heroes Remembrance Sunday talks a success

Just a quick note to everyone who came down to the D-Day Museum yesterday. My talks went really well, and we had more than 70 people for each. And not all of them were friends and family! I had some very interesting questions about Portsmouth’s World War Two Dead, and none of them too awkward! Just out of interest, the Museum had 1,149 visitors yesterday, which was almost 50% more than Remembrance Sunday last year!

Thank you to my sister Nicola for the picture, to my girlfriend Sarah and family for coming down, and also friends and colleagues for supporting me too. And of course Andrew Whitmarsh at the D-Day Museum for booking me, and the staff at D-Day for helping make the day go so well.

It’s been a good couple of days, last night we (Portsmouth City Museum) won a clean sweep at the Portsmouth News Guide Awards – Best exhibition for Little Black Dress, and runner up for Football in the City!



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9 responses to “Portsmouth’s WW2 Heroes Remembrance Sunday talks a success

  1. James Daly

    I promised a video, and I give you a video… OK, maybe its not what you thought it might be, but hey ho you can’t have it all 😉 Watch the video in the link, about 24 minutes in 😛


  2. John Erickson

    Looks like you had a good turnout! I will watch the video in an hour or so, once I finish the daily Emails. (The neighbors are being asses about sharing the driveway – LONG story.)

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