Message from James

Hi folks.!

Just a quick message to let you know what has been going on, and in some cases not going in, in the Daly History HQ recently.

Firstly, I’ve been getting over a nasty cold man-flu that laid me low for most of last week. Then when I thought I’d recovered from that, my eye swelled up like I’d taken a nasty right hook. You know the episode of the Para’s where they do the milling? It looked like I’d done a few rounds of that. Turns out I had the worst case of conjunctivitis the doctor had ever seen!

Now I’ve recovered from that, but sadly my trusty laptop is no more, and has a nasty crack in the LCD screen, from causes unknown. So whilst I investigate the feasibility of battle damagee repairs or procuring a replacement, posts may be intermittent and I may be slower at responding to emails that I would normally like. It’s a shame, as I’ve got a few interesting books to review for you, and some interesting events coming up.

Oh well, as they say, no plan ever survives the first contact with the enemy. Do not be surprised if chaos reigns – it undoubtedly will!



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4 responses to “Message from James

  1. John Erickson

    No problem, get to us as you can. Yes, I’ll miss you, but a lower Email load might allow me to get my own project up and running. 😉

  2. x

    Oh dear!

    Considering how the human (mammal) eye is constructed and the amount of stuff in the air it is surprising that eyes work as well as they do. Must be sore.

    If it is new laptop time can I recommend the following?

    • James Daly

      It’ll likely be whatever the insurance company send me as a replacement, I fear. As long as I get a working laptop as soon as possible I don’t really mind what it is – with a blog to run, books to write and publicise, talks to put together and god knows what else I’m kinda naked without one!

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