Shoreham Airshow – the pictures

Here’s some pictures from Shoreham Airshow last weekend:

And last but by no means least, an archive pic of the Red Arrows in a slightly happier time – at the Trafalgar Fleet Review in 2005. This great pic was taken by my sister Nicola:




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6 responses to “Shoreham Airshow – the pictures

  1. John Erickson

    So who’s the young guy next to you in the Dakota picture? 😉
    Is that the British “S for Sugar” B-17? I assume none of ours would be brave enough to go trans-Atlantic, but ya never know!
    If I recall, you mentioned Bf-109s in the “Battle Of Britain” mini-show. I assume they’re the ex-Spanish ones carrying (ironically enough) Merlins, as opposed to real Benz engines? I’d LOVE to see some of those old DB-6xx series engines – I’ve seen Merlins taken apart, but only TV shows on the Benz engines. Though the “power egg” BMWs with annular radiators always looked cool….

  2. James Daly

    Thats my Grandad, Aircraftsman Daly 😉

    That is the UK-based B17, known as Sally-B. She’s based at Duxford, the Imperial War Museum’s outstation-airfield.

    The Bf-109’s are ex-Spanish with Merlins, you’re right on the spot there John!

    • John Erickson

      (Sigh.) I MEANT to say “S for Sally”. I must’ve flashed back to one of the WW2 stories I read where the author’s plane was “S for Sugar”.
      I always got the biggest chuckle out of the Spanish planes (forget their name). If you dig real deep, it turns out the first Bf-109 airframe was ready, but no DB-600 was ready, so they used a Merlin! When the Spanish got their hands on the birds post-war, they simply went back to the very first design diagrams, including the engineering info for stamping out the “deep jaw” cowling. Gotta love when a design fluke comes full circle! 😀
      Do youse guys have any Halifaxes in the works to be flyable? I’ve only met the Hali at CFB Trenton, and she’s a display only. Now an airborne Hali would drag me pretty much anywhere in the world – no mean feat, considering my state of near-poverty. But only Hercules radials – not that bastardised version with Merlins! Merlins may work on Lancs and Mosquitos, but NOT ON HALIFAXES!!!
      And now that I’ve plumbed the depths of one area of my insanity, I turn the dais back over to you, James.

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