My Amazon Author Page

My Amazon Author Page is now online. It contain’s a listing of my publications, a biography, and in time will have photographs and details of my speaking events.

In other Amazon-related news, ‘Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes’ ‘entered’ the charts at around 340,000 on Amazon. It’s now sitting at 398,861 (by comparison, the top-selling book on Portsmouth Local History, London’s Lost Route to Portsmouth by P.A.L. Vine, is at 159,812). I think that’s quite impressive considering it isn’t out for seven months and there isn’t even a cover image yet!



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6 responses to “My Amazon Author Page

  1. x

    That canal book doesn’t get a good review either………

    For the dust jacket author’s pic’ what look are you going for? I see you in Holmesque derby on the ramparts of Fort Nelson with Pompey behind you. 🙂

  2. James Daly

    I know, I was amazed at the review on that book. Sure, its not exactly the most exciting book, but I found it very well researched and very well written. You have to take book reviews with a pinch of salt sometimes, you never quite know what the reviewer’s motivations are.

    As for the dustjacket, given the nature of the book I don’t think there will be space for an author picture 😦

  3. johncerickson

    Oh, come on – you HAVE to have an author’s photo! If you give me about a week’s notice, I could dig up my tin hat with the Guards’ Division unit symbol! Wouldn’t you look smashing in a nice, sober sweater, wine glass in hand, with the helmet in the foreground?

    • James Daly

      I don’t think I will be having a picture of myself in the book John. After all, I actually want people to buy it 😉

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  5. I more or less share your take on this topic and look forward to new posts and comments here at Thanks!

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