Update from James

Photo by Oxenhillshaw 02 Apr 2008 (UTC)

my new place. well, kinda (Image via Wikipedia)

Hi all, just a quick message to let you know that I’ve safely arrived at our new place in Chichester. I’m going to be without internet access at home for a few weeks at least, but I’ll try and check in at the pub via wifi.

In the meantime, if anyone – particularly my three regulars 😉 – would like to make any guest posts, feel free to email them to me and I will upload.

In the meantime I’m keeping myself busy working on my Portsmouth WW1 dead database (next book!), and some interesting ideas for iPhone app audio walking tours of historic Portsmouth.



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7 responses to “Update from James

  1. johncerickson

    Oh, you’re just itching to get the blog deep-sixed, ain’t ya? You REALLY think you could trust me and X that far? You are TOO trusting! 😉
    Definitely get us shots of the new place – the REAL one. That way, we can come up with some housewarming gifts. I suppose I could come up with a set of wind chimes, made from real .303 brass. 😀

  2. x

    Be careful shopping for your ISP. I think in many ways they are all as rotten as each other. But I have settled on Sky as soon as my buy out from BT contract gets to a reasonable level. I still can’t get over how much data I get through in a month even curbing my podcast habit and using app’s like AdBlocker. How the broadcasters can push TV catch up sites I don’t know. An hour’s TV is something like 500Mb. Audio streaming is approximately 48Mb per hour. I really should spend less time mooching about on line……………..

  3. johncerickson

    If you guys need anything big downloaded, I’ve got unlimited download over here. I know that doesn’t help on video, but I can grab big documents or whatever, zip them, then put them on a site you can get them from.Or if you’re looking for text on picture-intensive sites, I can strip off the text. Whatever I can do, gimme a holler. It’s the least I can do for the both of you!

  4. x

    Thanks Jon.

    Are you running through a cable TV provider then?

    In the UK we only have one “proper” cable company. They offer huge speeds but you have to be in town. The village over the hill has it but we live in area that is just about still considered rural.

    • johncerickson

      Oddly enough, we’re running through a wireless network piggy-backing on cellphone towers. Most of the area is served by cable, but we, too, are too far out in the “sticks” to get it. We used to have satellite, but those buggers kept raising their prices and lowering their download limits. We are hoping that the cable company finally pushes out here, because our TV service is still satellite (same company as the satellite internet) and they, too, are cranking up the prices.

  5. Lezza

    Where are you John?

    • johncerickson

      I’m in SE Ohio, about 90 minutes east of Columbus and an hour north of Zanesville, give or take. Does that help?

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