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Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes submitted to the publishers

After years of research, and months of frantic writing, I am happy to announce that my debut book, ‘Portsmouth’s World War Two Heroes’, is safely on its way to the publishers. Naturally I cannot say too much about what will be in it, neither will I have a publication date for a while yet. But as soon as I hear anything, you will find it out here first.

Have I learn’t anything throughout the whole process? Well, maybe in hindsight six months to write 50,000 words was a tad ambitious – particularly with other events that cropped up! I would also give more time to picture research, rather than treating it as an afterthought once the writing-up is finished. Also, I’ve learnt a lot about institutions – some are extremely helpful, while some are so off-putting it’s quite unbelievable.

I’m going to take a break from in-depth research for a while, in order to get some rest and let my poor brain cells recover. I have a few ideas for some interesting projects over the summer. But naturally enough, with an eye on the 100th anniversary of the Great War in 2014, my thoughts are bound to turn to a counterpart book on Portsmouth’s WW1 Dead, in time for that important milestone.



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