More bluff and bluster from Cristina Kirchner

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Regular readers will know that I am not exactly a fan of Argentina‘s current President, one Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. That Argentina is a country that invaded British territory less than 30 years ago isn’t really part of it.Nor is that despite their defeat in 1982 they keep agitating. It’s difficult to have much regard for somebody who clearly has no ability as a politician, and is exploiting an issue and hoodwinking her own citizens. It’s the equivalent of the people of Britain electing Katie Price as PM.

During this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions Tory MP Andrew Rosindell asked Mr Cameron to remind President Barack Obama that “the British government will never accept any kind of negotiations over the South Atlantic archipelago”. This comes a week after the US’s incredibly naive reference to the Falklands as ‘the Malvinas’ in a joint declaration with Argentina.

Mr Cameron, to his credit, responded that “as long as the Falkland Islands want to be sovereign British territory, they should remain sovereign British territory – full stop, end of story.”

Kirchner called Cameron’s comments an “expression of mediocrity, and almost of stupidity”. Really, I’m not making it up. Also that  the British people “continue to be a crude colonial power in decline”. Kirchner’s new-found confidence no doubt come after the US’s pro-Argentinian stance became clear last week.  The hypocrisy is outstanding. The Falklands existed and were settled by British people before Argentina even existed. The majority of Argentinians are of Spanish settler descent – are they all going to go home, and leave South America to the indigenous people?

Earlier this week a Falkland Islander became the first person from the British territory to accept Argentinian citizenship. Predictably, Argentina made a big deal about it, incorporating giving this gentleman (I’m not going to repeat his name) his identity card during a ceremony to mark the end of the Falklands War. Whatever his reasons, he’s putting his homeland at risk by inflating the Argentinians ambitions and appearing to validate their viewpoint. That over 200 British men died to liberate the Falklands, we should never forget.

It’s funny that Argentina has been ramping up its stance over the Falklands in the past year or two. First oil is discovered in the South Atlantic. Argentina is also suffering from a very deep recession, and the associated problems that go with it. Kirchner is unpopular and is low in the opinion polls. There is a presidential election in October, and Kirchner has yet to declare if she is a candidate or not. Using the Falklands issue is a pretty basic ploy in Argentine politics – it seems to make normally sane people foam at the mouth.

I don’t normally go in for jingoism, or anything that might be seen as jingoism. But I want any Falkland Islanders reading this to know that the people of Britain are with you.



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40 responses to “More bluff and bluster from Cristina Kirchner

  1. John Erickson

    If anybody has any doubts about CFK’s commentary, check out This seems to be Argentina’s spin on the old tradition of finding an outside enemy when internal affairs are going badly. And, it doesn’t help that our president is trying to make new friends all over the globe, usually at the expense of our tried and true allies.
    I would hope the upcoming 30th anniversary would return some common sense to my side of the pond, but between our presidential elections and our dim-witted media, I sincerely doubt it. Maybe the anniversary will stir British blood. And we can always hope that Argentina will turn its’ attention back to domestic issues, and chuck CFK out on her ear.
    Hmm – can an American be jingoistic over a British conflict with Argentina? (I think I hurt myself, stretching over 3 hemispheres!) 😉

  2. x

    I just find it so annoying on so many levels. Many British don’t think, know, or care that within the US political establishment there is a healthy pro-Latin America vein. And I bet many of the US President’s former Chicago constituents couldn’t find Canada on a map; never mind name the current Canadian Prime Minister. Since 2007 I have been a member of an American based forum whose membership has a high percentage of a graduates and professionals many of them woefully ignorant of the outside world. The US is in a tricky position as her influence in South America is being weakened by China and “rogue” states like Venezuela establishing relations with Iran and other undesirables. Unfortunately the US President hasn’t learned that what works politically at a domestic level doesn’t pan out on the international stage. All he is doing here is appealing to the Latin voter like it is another Chicago ward election. Of course because of his colour he has had a very comfortable time of it internationally; I make no apologies for saying that either. One suspects if had been yet another male WASP president things wouldn’t have been so smooth.

    I might as well go over the old ground again………..

    Had Argentina as a sovereign state ever governed the Falkland Islands? No for the brief 15 (?) years the area was administrated from BA Argentina was still a Spanish Colony. Perhaps Spain should take repossession of the rogue territory of Argentina?

    What was the over arching system of international organisation at the time Britain took possession of the Falklands? European imperialism. Did other nations practice imperialism at this time? Yes.

    Do the Falkland Islands sit within the Argentinian UN recognised EEZ? No.Is geographical proximity a reasonable case for territorial possession? Not under international law (whatever that term actually means!)

    Has Argentina a history of territorial disputes with its other Latin neighbours? Yes. Could it be argued that Argentina as a former colony then lacks a certain geographical legitimacy? Yes. Who controls the Argentinian state the 90% of a European descent or the 10% of aboriginal or mixed heritage? The Europeans who are there as product of imperial system of international organisation prevalent from the early modern period to the cessation of negotiations at Versailles. Did the indigenous peoples of Central and South America suffer at the hands of the European colonists causing a near total collapse in their population? Yes.

    Who has had possession of the islands for the longest period? The British Crown. Are the residents of Iberian or Anglo-Saxon/Celtic stock? The latter. Do these people share a common language with Argentina? No. Do they overwhelming share a common religion? No. A system of political beliefs? No. Would moving under Argentine jurisdiction offer any advantages or an increase in security? No. For most of the 20th century Argentina was under one dictatorship or another who managed to squandered the country’s vast national wealth. And from 1976 to 1983 over 10,000 Argentines (nearly 3 times the population of the Falkland Islands) were murdered by their own state.

    As I said it annoys me……….

    Anyway Daly for a chap living out of boxes you are still doing a lot of blogging. 🙂

    • John Erickson

      You know, if my wife could find a job there, and if I could find a co-operative doctor there, I’d be willing to move there as part of a civilian militia. Yes, I realise I would have to earn British citizenship and learn a foreign language. 😉
      I’m not as irritated at Argentina – they yank up the Falklands issue every time domestic issues go toes up. I’m FAR more irritated at my own government. Yes, we need better relationships with our southern neighbors. We haven’t had the most glowing record of participation in Central and South America. But I’m getting VERY tired of Obama and company ignoring our established friends, and making stupid statements which insult those friends without thinking things through. You are dead on target, X – Obama is a campaigner, NOT a foreign relations expert of any sort. Unfortunately, our State Department also lacks the foreign relations “chops” to realise we need to find new friends ONLY when they don’t screw with our established, and eminently more reliable, friends.
      So, just how DOES go the move, James? 😀

      • x

        Technically we British are Crown subjects not citizens…….. 😉

        I don’t fear an Argentine invasion more an engineered situation similar to those we see played out against Israel.

      • John Erickson

        Ah, my dear friend X, I tee you up a perfect shot about the foreign language, and you go after my citizen/subject mix-up. (Sigh.) More of that infamous drool British humour, eh? 😉
        I think we’ll be okay with Obama in the White House, he doesn’t seem to have the Machiavellian training in finding an outside threat to distract from domestic problems. (Actually, he flubbed and managed to achieve BOTH external and internal problems!) If we get one of the nutjob Republicans into the Presidency come 2016, they might just trade the Falklands for South American oil. Though most of the GOPers who actually stand a chance, are conservative enough to stick with Britain and tell the Argentinians to …. what is that old phrase….. “pound sand”.

        • x

          I don’t think Mitch Daniels is a nut job………

          As for speaking English…..

        • John Erickson

          Sorry, X, I wasn’t thinking of somebody like Mitch Daniels – he is (unfortunately) polling somewhat low, much as the more intelligent and reasonable GOP folk are. I’m more afraid of front-runners like Gingrich, Romney (who isn’t too bad on some stuff, but has some really whacked out ideas on things like abortion), and especially the pair of ditzy brunettes, Palin and Bachman. Though I don’t think either those two has any real chance. And frankly put, unless Obama is caught naked with a 6-year old boy, he’s unstoppable in 2012. Given our media’s ability to dig up dirt, it’s anybody’s guess who’ll still be standing in 2016. Shoot, Andrew Wiener…er…Weiner was a nobody until a few weeks ago!
          As for English, I was flashing back to “My Fair Lady”, and the line from the one song – “In some places (English) completely disappears/Why, in America, they haven’t spoken it in years!” 😉

          • x

            I think Obama is a cert for 2012 though he will be a lame duck. In some ways the 2 term rule is good. But it means that the president has no political capital which means he can’t get much done. If the Democrats are lucky the will get credit for bringing the boys and girls home. And won’t be in power to pick up the pieces when the next COIN war/war amongst the people breaks out on the US’s southern border.

  3. She looks better than she normally does. Still making less sense than Gaddafi though!

  4. John

    Along I think with most British people, I would much rather see British forces used to defend the Falklands, than intervening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, three wars which I think did not concern our interests enough to justify the invasions and attacks. Despite being NATO allies the current US Commander in Chief does not appear at all likely to support Britain if the Falklands was attacked, so Britain should look for it’s own interests. Under a different US president I think the situation would change dramatically for the better.

  5. x

    RAF Mount Pleasant has the longest corridor in the world at one half mile. True.

    • John Erickson

      I’d be interested in what they define as “corridor”. Considering the access tunnels to the main accelerator ring at Fermilab outside Chicago is slightly under 4 miles in a continuous loop. I’m sure that the access tunnels to the LHC are longer, but they’re French, so they don’t count. :p

  6. John Erickson

    To all on this blog- I realise Fathers’ Day is an American creation of the greeting card industry, but even with that crass commercialistic founding, I would still like to say “Happy Fathers’ Day”!
    To all those of you, to pass on to your fathers, be they with you or not;
    To all those of you who are fathers;
    And to those who will one day be outstanding fathers.
    And a happy Sunday to all!

  7. johncerickson

    I’ll stick this here, unless James wants to open a new thread. News out of both the US and UK media about the RAF being over-strained by Libya. Info here:
    The BBC website has info, too. More fuel on which to roast the SDSR…..

    • x

      The RAF is in a bad way. Modern aircraft take a lot of money to buy and run. The question for me is whether we spend what little we have on air power that can only operate from other states and relies on a long logistical chain or air power that operates from sea, a global common, and takes it logistics with it. (It should be remembered that during GW1 AVCAT was being imported into the Gulf. Even land based air depends on fuel delivered by the sea.)

      There were sound technical reasons for keeping Tornado. But when you see the closet European nation to Libya flying AV8s from a carrier I think it
      only natural that questions are asked here about what we have just lost. Transit time from Southern Italy to Libya takes 1.5 hours and I believe it involves an AAR evolution on both legs. Typhoon may be carrying ordnance but I believe I am right in saying that it needs Tornado to designate targets; though I believe that may be changing soon. At the moment the RAF are managing 10 sorties a day which will drop to 6 the month after next. All this is eating into air frame hours and pilot training hours.

    • johncerickson

      As you mention, X, the Libya situation is an excellent demonstration of carrier power. I remember back in the 80s when we went to bomb Qaddafi (sound familiar? 😀 ), and France denied our UK-based F-111s overflight. If I recall, they needed no less than 4 or 5 refuels – even had they been able to “cut the corner” across France, it wouldn’t have reduced the fuel need significantly. While Tornado may make sense for the RAF, I would argue that Britain’s need for fast response is carrier-based aviation. Granted the US has a plenitude of carriers, but short of the Saudi-based F-15s in Desert Storm, we’ve rarely used USAF forces for immediate response (unless we needed “bomb trucks” like the B-52 or B-1).
      I just find it borderline humourous that Libya cropped up so close on the heels of statements concerning the SDSR which first proclaimed nothing like Libya would happen, and then that anything happening could easily be handled by RAF forces. Funny how world events seem to be throwing a huge “I told you so” right back at your current government!
      By the by, this IS the same old John Erickson you’ve been putting up with. I had to throw the “C” (middle initial) into my screen name to get a Gravatar. The things I put up with to further Blackjack’s Internet agenda!

      • x

        I recognise you and the guy in the hat too from that other blog.

        Modern aircraft are short legged. The recent FSTA deal has done anything to help matters. If it were simply a mater of UK defence the FSTA money could have spent extending the QRA squadrons perhaps to a north, centre, and south disposition. Though what threat the QRA counters at the moment I don’t know though I wouldn’t be without it. The real threat to our security is the Russian SSN tailing the V-boats out of Faslane. The spin on that is without Nimrod the V-boats are defenceless. That is bull-pucky……..

        If we are struggling to bomb something this close what happens when the war is off the coast of Africa, in the Polar regions, in the Indian ocean, or off the north coast of Australia?

        Anyway we shall see.

      • johncerickson

        A mission off of Australia? No, no, NO! You guys stay home, let the Aussies deal with it. After all, we need SOMEBODY to buy those hideously expensive F-35s. Otherwise, they’ll try to handle it with the F-18s we’ve already sold. Hmm – then again, maybe the money IS in service, not new unit sales. Aw heck, we’ll snooker them into both – double the profits!

      • johncerickson

        I forgot to mention – seems we have something of yours over here at Norfolk. HMS Dauntless? Is that yours? 😉

        • x

          Yes. That is Dauntless in those pictures at the top of the page.

          There will be a lot of fresh-out-the-box matelots who will be shocked to find they really joined a coastguard and not a navy.

        • johncerickson

          Um – not to be cruel or anything, but look up USCGC Bertholf (WMSL-750) and compare her stats to Dauntless. She ain’t that far behind the type 45s! (And you wonder why I keep questioning our Littoral Combat Ships being designed from scratch, when we already had these girls floating around.)

          • x

            I must politely disagree even though I like the Legends for what they as fast patrol frigates and even accepting T45 shortcomings (lack of NCB, lack of sonar, unable to operate Merlin, no ABM capability.) T45 might be a one trick pony AAW , but Sea Viper is a generation ahead of Aegis. Samspon is an awe inducing radar system as is the SMART-L high volume set. Now ASTER 30 may not have the range of SM3. But that has to be reconciled against the fact that T45s RADAR are better than SPY. No use having the range if your targeting system is sub-optimal at those ranges,.
            Some good news has emerged in that T45 is finally getting Phalanx 1B. No the best CIWS but better than nothing. I would have preferred Goalkeeper. Even replacing the Mk8 with the CIWS or even finding space aft on the hanger roof. Goalkeeper is deck penetrating, it needs about 8 or 9 feet clearance below. But extending the hanger aft and having off to one side wouldn’t be too much of a problem as T45s’ flight deck is huge so nothing much would be lost. The Dutch on their AAW frigates have their Goalkeepers in a similar position.

          • johncerickson

            Actually, X, I must offer my apologies. I was looking at the cutter more from the point of view as a starting point for an LCS substitute, as opposed to a 1-for-1 trade for the type 45s. That was more of a smart-a** statement – one of my feeble attempts at humour that tend to backfire hideously. Sorry about that.

            • James Daly

              I suppose the Legend class are, to me, pretty decent brown water patrol boats. The RN would be looking at a bigger gun I should imagine, and we wouldn’t want anything to leave port without missile air defence. The ships complement would probably work out higher as a result of all this, plus you would need space for a small embarked force, improved helicopter facilities… But apart from that I suppose its not much different from the Type 21’s in concept – cheap and basic.

            • x

              No need to apologise you soft s*d.

              John, matey, I didn’t read it as such.

              You are all right with me.. 🙂

  8. X

    1. T45 can operate Merlin
    2. Sea Viper has potential ABM capbility
    3. T45 COULD have Harpoon and other weapons is the politicians decided..
    4. Phalanx 1B also capable of surface to surface use against small craft

    • x

      The flight deck may be big enough but T45 lacks some flight control gubbins such PRISM deck handling and recovery device, a Ship Helicopter Operating Limits Instrumentation System, modular Merlin support in the hanger, a new glide path indicator, gyro-stabilised horizon bar, and electro-luminescent panels for deck orientation.

      I know SeaViper has potential ABM capability. The keyword word there is potential. One step down from “fitted for, but not with,” And this actually is why I so concerned about Daring hull numbers. If Daring had ABM we would have to keep one in the North Sea permanently………..

      Yes I know T45 could carry Harpoon. I have stood in the space where they should be. I bet BAE would want another few million to move them from T22B3.

  9. James Daly

    I must admit my impressions of T45 are that is is potentially a great platform, and does have some outstanding features – Sea Viper, SAMPSON, improved main gun on what Uncle Sam uses – but is hampered by a lack of investment in other ways – eg lack of decent helo support, and no anti-surface missiles as yet. Given the choice I would go for Goalkeeper over Phalanx, but hey ho if we have spare Phalanxes better than buying in new.

    I really don’t understand why the T45 has a massive helicopter pad, but none of the advanced wizardry as x describes…

    • x

      Well I suppose the easiest answer would be T45s are big ships to allow Sampson to be lofted high so that its radar horizon is at it greatest practicable extent. Also consider T45 are laid out in the now classic style of a late 20th Western escort; weapons, above hull superstructure, and a flightdeck. T45’s hull and main deck house are voluminous so there was bound to be a lot of space back aft. I don’t think the designers set out for the flightdeck to be Chinook capable. The Chinook to naval flightdeck is like the MBT to logistics more a demonstration of capacity than tactical reality.

      I think the key word there is escort because Their Lordships were expecting with T45 one for one replacement with T42. But as we know there will be only 6 ships carrying a very expensive system. I read somewhere else on the web someone proffer the idea that T45 would be treated like a capital ship; not so much an escort but something to be escorted itself. And not by design, but because of budgetary realities, One supposes if the T45 had started out as such the hanger could have been replaced by a second VLS silo for TLAM and the naval version of StormShadow or perhaps even large supersonic ASM like BrahMos. And perhaps with the Mk8 replaced with something like a 76mm (and perhaps space could have been found back aft for another mount.)

      I can see the arguments of the pro-navy anti-CVF lobby that the carriers are robbing the RN of resources. And it isn’t hard to imagine a navy built around a core of 12 fully equipped Darings. When I see full equipped I mean with SONAR, a STWS system and a battery of ASM, Especially if they went to sea with two Merlins (equipped to fire a heavy ASM; another oversight by Their Lordships.) Daring is 5ft wider than Abaslon class which has twin hangers; though somewhere would have to be found for the RIB.
      Saying that we would still need 12 first class ASW hulls too. And a class of cheap patrol frigates

      As for Goalkeeper the quickest and easiest mounting solution would be to replace the Mk8.. I don’t see T45 on the gunline they are too valuable. The RN must have enough mounts to do this. Where are the mounts off Invincible? Unless they are ones on Lusty! And the Batch 3 T22 are all decommissioning this month.

  10. x

    Apparently Daring has already got her Phalanx fitted.


    • James Daly

      I’ll find out at the weekend…

      • x

        Think Defence will have some photo’s up on his Tumblr thingy late morning-ish. There have been now 2 sightings.

        I am very excited about it.

        All we need now is Merlin, SONAR, STWS (I am so old fashioned,) laser canon, etc, etc.

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