USS George HW Bush in the Solent

Unfortunately due to time and weather I haven’t been able to get out to have a look at the Bush close up, but here are some pics taken from Stokes Bay, about a mile away:

If anybody – partricularly anyone stateside with folks on the Bush – would like any larger hi-res pics, please let me know.



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23 responses to “USS George HW Bush in the Solent

  1. John Erickson

    Oh come on, there’s a sailboat right out by her, how come YOU didn’t think to take a boat out? Still afraid of getting shot? Silly boy… 😉
    Then again, don’t they have helos you could book a flight on? Take a nice, fast, LOW buzz over the flight deck? PLEASE?!? I’ve always wanted to see a CIWS from the target’s perspective! 😀
    Seriously, good shots given the weather. Can we have some of that cool, wet weather? Not so much the wet, but the cool, considering we topped 90 degrees today…

    • James Daly

      Going tomorrow with a telescope attachment for my camera, earlier my dad could see the missile systems (sea RAM?) and the guys on deck checking the FA18’s.

      • John Erickson

        I still think you get GREAT shots if you took a small motorboat out, at full throttle, straight at the beam of her. REALLY great shots. Some of them with your camera, even…. 😀

  2. John Erickson

    Oh, BTW, the next Ford-class carrier out of the yards will be the USS John F. Kennedy, CVN 79. The name was previously on CV 67, decommissioned in 2007, and immortalised in the disaster film “2012”. Thought you’d like to know.

    • James Daly

      A fine name. I see as with the RN the USN has to run the gauntlet of politicians, veterans and interfering busybodies when it comes to ship naming.

      • John Erickson

        Especially with the carriers, you have to go through all sorts of politicians and brass, useful or otherwise. At least the DDs tend to get named after actual heroes, as opposed to whichever collection of gits happens to be in power. (I am always amazed at how many insults are recognised by my auto-spell-check. 😀 )

  3. x

    Which Cunarder is that James, Victoria or Elisabeth?

    (I will ask now so that I soon as I google it I will find the answer straight away…..)

  4. James Daly

    Go onto the Solent AIS site I posted up a while back, and click on the ‘listen to radio tab in the top right corner…

    Bush: ‘Police Launch Rackham, this is Warship 77. We gotta couple a speedboats on our port bow, request assistance in pushin em outta here’

    Police Launch: ‘we’re already onto it’

    and repeat at least once every half an hour!

  5. Dave Carpenter

    Beautiful pictures. I would love to get hi res if possible. My daughter is aboard CVN 77 and how she enjoyed her few days in Portsmouth. This port call of any she will make is significant to me. My g g grandfather was born in Cardiff. My father served in parts of England in the 50s. My uncle was killed in Norway WWII. And now my daughter adds to it the family history there.
    Thank you for the kinds words for our men and women aboard the USS George Bush.

    • John Erickson

      Thank you, M. Carpenter, and your entire family for all they’ve done for both Britain and the US. And if you would ever want to relate your uncle’s experiences, whether for publishing or just for recounting them, I for one would be extremely interested in hearing all the details! And if you do want to write them out for publication eventually, look me up, and I’ll do all your proof-reading for free. It’s the least I can do for all that your family has done.
      Once again, many thanks from a grateful Yank.

    • John Erickson

      Boy, I make a play to be your proof-reader, and I don’t even proof my own post! That should be Mr. Carpenter, not M. Carpenter. Sorry!

  6. Dave Carpenter

    Actually you would have got away with it. I thought the M. thing was just the way it is there. Now this is a bit strange because I never mentioned anything about writing but I am thinking book form on the CVN 77. I am just impressed with the boat as a whole. But to have a daughter on board is a thrill for me. And I am most impressed with her and what she has achieved. It was just two weeks before she deployed in May she got to ride on an f-18. Speed of sound..7.6 g’s..and yes blacked out. Any way I sure would be interested in talking with you.

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