HMS Protector

The Royal Navy’s new ice patrol ship HMS Protector entering a blustery Portsmouth today.




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31 responses to “HMS Protector

  1. Great Capture – Facinating. Cheers James

  2. Great Capture. Facinating. Thanks James.

    Interesting to note the flight deck she used to carry has already been removed from above the bridge.

  3. John Erickson

    Great picture. Any chance of more?
    The USN sites are finally acknowledging Saxon Warrior, so hopefully there will be more info coming. They are VERY good about posting a lot of high-quality photos, so once any of those come through, I’ll give you a shout.
    Happy Victoria Day!

    • James Daly

      I have got more on my camera that I will try and upload when I get a chance, the one I managed to upload was snapped quickly on my iphone. Judging by the amount of zoom lenses on the hot walls and the round tower Im sure there will be hundreds of pics doing the rounds of flickr as we speak!

  4. Well done James, I have been following her since she left Trinidad on the 17th of last month.
    Long Live Protector

    • Mary Watson

      My deceased husband John (Soapy) Watson would have been so thrilled by this HMS Protector ship and, like you Keith, would have followed her progress to her docking in Portsmouth.
      You do a wonderful job for HMS Protector Association, well done and thank you for always keeping members so well informed.

  5. James Daly

    Hi Keith, it is a fine name indeed. And I’m glad that the Navy finally stood up to the ‘you’ve got to call it….’ Brigade.

    Just a question, what was an ice patrol ship doing in Trinidad?

  6. No offence intended btw, some of relatives are of Carribean descent.

    Anyway, it seems sadly unusual for a ship to enter a UK naval base without a decommisioing pennant.

  7. She doesn’t have a pennant or the white Ensign up yet as the ‘Naming Ceremony’ takes place on the 1st june and the first Commissioning date is 23rd june.and I will be attending both.

    • James Daly

      I’m going to try and follow Protector here as much as I can – seen as Endurance was Portsmouth’s adopted ship it seems only right to ‘adopt’ Protector.

      I can see her tied up on South West Wall from my window, it’s like old days with the red, White and buff 🙂

      • x

        Have I mentioned before James that the tide is a long, long, long, long, long, long way out here in the extreme Northwest Midlands? 🙂 😉

        • John Erickson

          X, I think you and I need to move into a house in Portsmouth to keep young Mr. Daly in line. Besides, with the lunacy going on in US politics, I don’t think Canada is far enough away anymore. I think I’d rather have The Pond as a buffer! 😀

          • x

            I worked in windowless computer rooms for eons. Then when I did get an office with a window all I could see was the back of a warehouse.

            Um. Every time I spent time in Pompey in HMS Bristol I never got a cabin with a scuttle…..

            I am just suffering from window/view envy that is all.

          • John Erickson

            Tell ya what. Get me a picture of your favourite ship, my wife can do you an artwork of it, then you hang it on your wall and put a window frame around it. Voila! Instant view! And if you want to make it realistic, attach a sprinkler to the wall to mimic your sunny English weather! 😉

    • Allen Gittens

      You lucky devil Keith, I will have to be back in Shropshire before the commissioning or I would have snuck in, just to be with her at the start.

  8. James
    You are a lucky fella mate. There are about 540+ members of the HMS Protector Association, world wide, would appreciate the same opportunity that you have. Are you ex-mob

    • James Daly

      I’m not Keith, although being from Portsmouth it is very much in the veins. Two Great-Grandfathers and one Great Uncle were RN stokers, one Grandad was Para and the other RAF National Service. My Dad, three of my uncles and both grandads worked in the yard as well.

      I will try and keep you updated with pics of her, she’s bound to be in and out a lot for sea trials and before she goes off to FOST later in the summer.

  9. If you wish James, I can give you the dates etc. Thank you

    • James Daly

      That would be great Keith, if you would like to email me via the ‘Contact Me’ section, I’m sure their lordships might not like shipping movements being broadcast too widely in advance 😉

  10. ann adley


    I’m really proud to say that my Grandson has joined the ship that has claimed the name Protector and can become a part of such great history.I haven’t seen it yet but will be at the commissioning on 23rd June,he tells me that it looks wonderful and he is thrilled at having such a great draft.

  11. Ann. Welcome to the club. I will see you at the Ceremony, armed with an application form for your grandson to join ‘the friendliest naval association in existence.

  12. Ann, Welcome to the club, Like Keith I also served on HMS Protector in 1959, I shall also be at the commissioning,out front in charge of HMS Protector Association squad. Our new website will shortly be up and running and I am hoping we shall be able to give you lots of updates during her time down south.

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  14. ann adley

    Nice clip on youtube of Protector coming into Portsmouth:

  15. Allen Gittens

    No sign of the NETLAYER in this one, there just isn’t the room.Fair winds and safe journeys to go with her, and all sail with her.

  16. Derek Smith

    Nice to see a new H.M.S. Protector back in Portsmouth as this will bring new blood into the association as we are all getting on a bit. The heli pad has been moved to the stern but there is no sign of a hanger or room to put one, so is she going to carry her own ‘Chopper’s’ or is the heli pad just for land on’s? Surely she won’t carry one strapped down on the heli pad bearing in mind the heavy sea’s down South.
    H.M.S. Protector 1957 – 1958

  17. ann adley

    Hi Derek,
    Spoke to my Grandson today and asked him about the helicopter,he says there won’t be one permanently on board,the helicopter pad will just be used for land ons.

  18. Derek Smith

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for the reply, guessed that was the case due the lack of space for a hanger. I was just surprised that the Navy went for a ship that didn’t carry any helicopters considering the survey work she will be doing down South. I guess it’s down to money again, accountants sitting behind desks rarely know
    what is required and by cutting costs means the job can’t be done efficiently as the Army has found out in war zones.

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