USS Forrest Sherman

USS Forrest Sherman

USS Forrest Sherman

USS Forrest Sherman, a US Navy Arleigh Burke class Destroyer, seen coming into Portsmouth Harbour – conveniently during my lunch hour!



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10 responses to “USS Forrest Sherman

  1. John Erickson

    Nice shot! I’ll pop over to our Navy’s site, see if they have any listing of what’s up.

    • John Erickson

      Don’t see anything specific, just looks like some touring. They did a long porting late last year, and from the families’ website, looks like they took on a fair number of new hands.

  2. x

    James I had an odd sighting today too; a HMA.8 transiting east to west. What is was doing so far north, so far in land I don’t know. We often get helicopters coming over from Shawbury, but RN Lynxes never. Well until today that is.

    • James Daly

      Funnily enough there was a Lynx buzzing the Roberts as she was entering the Solent – not sure what that was about!

      • x

        WAFU ship recognition skills have never been up to much. They are like baby birds and only see blocks of colour and simple shapes……

        Left hand down a bit! 🙂

  3. John Erickson

    Nothing in the daily newsletter from US Navy or DOD. I’ll keep an eye open in the coming days.
    I miss my days around O’Hare airport, with the KC-135s and C-130s roaring overhead. We do get the occasional Chinook down here, usually after dark. Not as interesting, except when they leave the lights inside the bird on, and you can see the guy sitting on the edge of the open ramp next to the LMG. I always worry the guy’ll get trigger happy and crack off a few dozen round over my house. I’ve had enough hot brass down my collar, THANK YOU! (Although I think hot brass is the best reason to allow women into re-enacting. Ever see a busty lady try to get a hot casing out of the cleavage? Fun in more ways than one! ;))

    • James Daly

      I’m near the helicopter repair facility at fleetlands. We get Sea Kings, Lynxes and Chinooks almost on a daily basis. And the occasional Apache.

  4. x

    Another rare sighting today 3 Trident missiles leaving what was once RAF Stafford (once Europe’s largest supply base, but no runway!)

    The cans of instant sunshine also make a stopover in our neck of the woods too but at place a bit more off the beaten track than the M6.

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