HMS Invincible leaves Portsmouth for the last time

At 8am yesterday the former HMS Invincible left Portsmouth for the last time. She is being towed to a scrapyard in Turkey, where she will be dismantled and her steel recycled.

There was a sizeable crowd lining the harbour entrance in Pompey, with plenty of people on top of the Round Tower, along the Hot Walls and down onto Victoria Pier. I could also see people over on the Gosport side and naval ratings on Fort Blockhouse turned out too. When she passed the Round Tower the tugs all gave a blast on their horns, and the assembled crowd gave three cheers. I’m sure there was a lone piper somewhere too.

Invincible was eased out of the Harbour Entrance by four buff and black Serco Denholm tugs – formerly of the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service – to Spithead, where she was taken under tow by the Tug Sirocco. Evidently someone has a sense of humour, as ‘SOLD’ had been painted on the superstructure under the bridge in dark grey paint!

Last time I checked Invincible was heading at 8-9 knots down the English Channel, south of the Isle of Wight. By the wonders of AIS, we can follow the progress of the Sirocco/Invincible combination – click here for Sirocco’s profile on, and then click on  ‘current vessel’s track’.

All in all it was a sad but dignified exit for a grand old ship. She’s a Falklands veteran, lets remember. Several of the Harrier pilots flying from her in 1982 were killed. Let’s not forget that amidst the scramble to make a fuss over supposedly more glamorous ships.

Unfortunately due to technical issues I am unable to post any pictures, but hopefully they will be up sometime over the weekend.



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9 responses to “HMS Invincible leaves Portsmouth for the last time

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