I’m Back

It might be a few days later than planned, but I’m finally back from Dusseldorf having got caught up in the all the weather travel chaos. After our flight was cancelled on Sunday evening we hired a car, and drove from Dusseldorf to Calais, from there on the ferry to Dover, train to London, then train down to Portsmouth. I finally got in the early hours of this morning, over 24 hours late. Which isn’t bad, considering people who were on our flight and stayed put at the airport are still there now… I’ll write a full report when I’ve thawed out a bit!


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One response to “I’m Back

  1. John Erickson

    Glad to hear you made it back safe. What is with this weather? Britain and Europe are getting snowed and frozen, we here in the US midwest have been 20 degees (Fahrenheit, sorry) below normal for a month, California’s about to get mud-slided into the Pacific, and Washington state is a skating rink with inches (again, sorry, we Yanks just don’t do metric!) of ice on the roads. Wild stuff!
    Get yourself warmed up, OK? I’d say get a glass of brandy, but I’m not sure if you have any St. Bernards in your neighborhood….. 😉

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