Tory peer: benefits make the poor ‘breed’

Carrying on with my theme of Consverative politicians showing breathtaking lack of understanding, the newly ennobled Lord Flight (love the name!) has apologised after stating in an interview that child benefit encourages poor people to ‘breed’.

Flight also used class language in his interview with the London Evening Standard, by arguing that middle class people would be discouraged from having children. One wonders if Flight thinks that poor people should be sterilised so the middle classes can go forth and populate?

Howard Flight’s opinions are like something from late Nineteenth Century Social Darwinism. Talk about the urban poor being like monkeys and animals should have gone out with the end of the Victorian era. It’s that kind of talk that gave rise to the eugenics movement, the Nazi’s theories of selective breeding and racial genocide. Not only that, but the disdain is clear to see, by referring to poor people like animals, exactly like how a farmer would refer to their cows or sheep ‘breeding’.

Barely a day goes by without yet another astonishing gaffe from a Tory politician, showing just how out of touch and aloof they are. Once again, David Cameron selected this man to receive a peerage. Make what you will of that judgement.



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20 responses to “Tory peer: benefits make the poor ‘breed’

  1. I too thought of the Nazis and Eugenics.

  2. x

    I thought he said bread not breed.

    Perhaps the Labour party should look at the number of births to the 4 million immigrants they let in…………..

    You are very bitter about this? Would you like me to send you a fire extinguisher to throw about?

    What you have to remember is Labour are just as bad.

  3. John Erickson

    At least this “gent” has some knowledge. We have Sarah Palin telling us North Korea is our ally! And this is the front-runner for the Republican presidential campaign in 2012!
    Yet another reason I hope the “Mayan conspiracy” is right, and the world ends in 2012. (If it ends on 21-Dec-2012, I just miss turning 50!) 😀

  4. x

    Now that is interesting on two accounts…….

    Firstly that Barry has more than one slip of the tongue during his presidency. Yet his gaffs, do remember his “my Muslim faith?” accident, were hardly paraded around by the media.

    And if you were to be entirely objective who is more in touch with Middle America? The Harvard lawyer or the Hockey Mom? You could twits that all manner of different ways!!! If I was to be a bit naughty I could suggest that the latter is a case for not letting the man (or woman) in the street having the reins of power. A subtext that runs through socialist and communist creeds.

    Anyway its Mitch Daniels for 2012……..

    • John Erickson

      I’m not sure which street you live on, X, but on my street, there’s exactly one person I’d trust in power, the Methodist pastor who used to be a Detroit social worker. Most of the rest of these guys couldn’t fix a light bulb, much less an economy!
      Seriously, I’d rather have a bit of “elitist” education trying to run this country. We’ve tried “men of the people” and gotten more mess than progress. Maybe not a Harvard lawyer, but something better than a “hockey mom” who doesn’t know who are allies are, much less that she lives hundreds of miles away from where you could even begin to “see Russia from your porch”! Besides, Barry’s gaffs aren’t the problem. It’s his failure to deliver on all his promises that’ll be his downfall. That, and his inability to play defence in basketball! 😉

  5. James Daly

    I’ve spent enough time around politicians (albeit local ones) to know that there really isnt much to choose between them all, they are all animals of the same sub-species.

    But who I do object to is the sneering, selfish and judgemental semantics that you get from one sub-set in particular, who think it is ok because of their class, wealth or birth. For the life of me I cannot think of any Labour politician saying anything that has had overtones of referring to people as though they are stock animals.

    • John Erickson

      You mean like the Republicans over here who insist the “Mexicans” (you have to sneer when you say the word) are using “anchor babies” to steal health care? Or that you can’t have non-heterosexuals in the military, because they’d go around raping all their fellow service members? (Get over yourselves, people!) Then, of course, there are the (to borrow a phrase) “Arab untermenschen” who are responsible (again, according to the Republicans) for just about everything from the economic crisis to global warming. It amazes me that this level of Neanderthal thinking can still exist today.

  6. Wibble! Power corrupts.

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