Portsmouth on Time Team tomorrow night, Channel 4

Domus Dei church.

Garrison Church (Image via Wikipedia)

Tomorrow night’s episode of Time Team on Channel 4 comes from Portsmouth.

Last year the arachaeology programme carried out a dig in Old Portsmouth, on the Governors Green area. The existing Garrison Church used to be part of a larger Governors House, and prior to that it used to be part of a much larger complex – the Domus Dei, or Gods House. Domus Dei acted as a hospital and travel lodge.

I’ve had a bit of secondhand inside knowledge on what happened on the dig, but I’ll let you all watch the programme and make what you will of it before I spoil it with my gossip!

Time Team at Governors Green is on Channel 4 tommorrow night (Sunday 24th October) at 5.30pm



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12 responses to “Portsmouth on Time Team tomorrow night, Channel 4

  1. Out of curiosity, any idea how old the traveler’s lodge would be? You can wait to reply until after the program airs, so we don’t ruin the fun for those lucky enough to be able to see the show. Maybe they’ll export it over here to us poor, culturally neglected Yanks. (When “American Idol” passes for high culture, you know your society is doomed!)

  2. x

    Are you really asking me to watch that odious little toad Tony Robinson?

    According to the Channel 4 web page Glee is on at the same time; that’s a tough choice………..

  3. x

    James have you been watching the Titanic programmes?

  4. James Daly

    you’ll think hes even more of an odious little toad when i tell you that he has his own winnebago on the shoots, and emerges only to film his piece to camera then go back to his hideout again…

    just a small town girl, livinnnn in a loooonely wooooorld 😛

  5. An odious celebrity who only exits his personal motor home to do his scenes then vanishes again, and you find this ODD? You just described 99.9% of bloody Hollywood!
    Actually, from what I’ve met of British TV folk (Dr. Who, Blakes 7, Robin of Sherwood), that behaviour IS a rarity. Wonderful folk, mostly. And great stories! I’ll have to tell you the one about (pardon the language) the shit factory, straight from the (lovely) lips of Sally Knyvette.
    BTW James, thanks for that micro tribute to Journey, one of my favourites!

  6. x

    John as well as an actor, writer, and TV presenter Tony Robinson is an active member of the Labour Party; I think he sits on their national executive committee. Like many Labour arty type he likes to pass himself of as one of the “people.” But the more you watch him the more clues to the underlying condescending “some of us are more equal” persona come to the fore. His Time Team comments are peppered with republican sentiments and class war rhetoric. And he is responsible for a disgusting piece of socialist propaganda masquerading as children’s TV called “Maid Marion and Her Merry Men.” It isn’t so much the basic plot of the programme that Marion was the brains of the operation more the other “stuff” he managed to slip in to the script.

    James’ reference to Journey was because the cast of Glee covered the song.

    • Ouch! You know, as his fan club president, you should really learn how to express yourself better. 😛 The last time I read that glowing a review of an individual, I think he was seated in an old wooden chair with a belt around his waist and wires attached to him! Maybe I should count myself lucky – I’ll let you lucky folk enjoy him. We have enough egocentric narcissistic … um … buttholes over here to supply the world!
      And honestly, is there a song that Glee HASN’T covered? Although Sue the gym coach as Madonna was HOT. Then again, I’m old enough to remember when Madonna would sing “Like A Virgin” and could actually, just maybe, believe her…… 🙂

      • x

        It is the Madonna episode tomorrow…… 🙂

        I live in a former mining area and I very familiar with the socialist leader who preaches the good fight to his members on strike. And returns home knowing the union is paying his wage.

        The longest serving Labour prime minister went to Eton, took “us” to war twice and won neither, and generally reduced the UK’s world standing. The longest serving Conservative prime minister went to a state school, took “us” to war twice and won both, and generally increased the UK’s world standing.

        • No worries, my friend, you’re talking to a fairly staunch “rightie” son of 2 VERY staunch conservatives, and one of them a 39-year veteran of the union-heavy public telephone utility. (I walked a picket line at age 5 – fun story!)
          If you like Sue on “Glee”, look for a movie called “A Mighty Wind”. It’s a mockumentary about a public television reunion of American folk music groups. She plays a reformed porn actress pulled into an Osmond family type group. If I may be non-PC for a moment – WOW! Let’s just say her outfits are VERY flattering. Then again, I’ve always had a thing for older blonds. Fell in love with Grace Lee Whitney from Star Trek before I knew why I should even LIKE girls! 🙂
          OK, sexist moment over, I am now the proper gentlemen again. (Yeah, right!)

          • x

            I can’t believe I am going to admit this on the internet but actually I am torn between Lea Michelle and Heather Morris (the really dumb cheerleader who in real life is actually very switched on.)

            • YOU’RE embarrased? I had to look both of them up. I’ve seen 1 full episode of Glee, and about a dozen 2-3 minute snippets. That’s it. And your ladies are WAY too young for me! Raquel Welch, Lynda Carter, Gates McFadden – those are my target age. And please, PLEASE don’t use the term “cougar”. I HATE that term! (But call me a filthy old man all you want – that is the truth!)

            • And why are you wasting your Saturday night with an old fart like me? Either go party (if single) or go kiss your wife (or anyone else’s that is convenient)! Good Heavens, man, it’s only 7pm here, it’s already Sunday where you are, go have fun! 🙂

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