Saxon event at Portsmouth City Museum this Saturday

No, not the heavy metal band (sadly!), but a Saxon log boat excavated from Langstone Harbour goes on display for the first time this weekend at Portsmouth City Museum. The boat is over 1,500 years old and is the oldest known watercraft to have been retrieved from the Solent!

There will also be a chance to see Saxon artefacts from Portsdown and Horndean, including jewellery, spear heads and shield bosses. Speak to costumed interpreters to discover what a Saxon warrior carried with him on the battlefield and the clothes and jewellery a fashionable Saxon woman would have worn. Members of the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology will be on site with their Maritime Bus, packed with interactive displays, models, games and hands-on activities.

10.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday 23 October. For more info click here



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8 responses to “Saxon event at Portsmouth City Museum this Saturday

  1. x

    What was it fitted for, but now with then?

  2. James Daly

    Its due to go on sea trials soon to test its suitability for service with the RN, with a peashooter on the front it would make an ideal patrol craft and flagship.

  3. If any of you go, get some close up pictures of any armour there. I’d like to see how well my old re-enacting stuff stacks up. It’s been about 25 years since I was close to original armour, and it was all Italian tournament plate.

    So you’re saying I should buy that rowboat with the outboard motor? At the current rate of RN cutbacks, an outboard and 2 Lee-Enfields should qualify me as a frigate, right? Throw in a longbow, would that up it to FFG status?

  4. James Daly

    .303 would be a bit of a drop from 4.5, but no doubt the MOD would still describe it as ‘the most advanced warship in the world’.

    If I go I will try and take some pics, and if not I’m sure I can come by some through my ‘day job’…

    • Would a German 7.92mm Mauser count as the long-range weapon, with a .38 Webley for the big gun? Heck, with an air compressor, some steel pipe, and a few used bowling balls, we can always go for a full Nelsonian broadside!

  5. James Daly

    I didn’t manage to get to this in the end, the girlfriend is away for a week so I’m catching up with admin/washing/writing/researching etc!

    I did however manage to grab a sneaky peak on friday, and we had some rather impressive finds on display, including a saxon torc, flints, urns, arrowheads and shield bosses. I should be able to come by some pictures.

  6. Sounds like some really interesting old items! That’s the problem with the States – unless you’re on the far East Coast where Europeans were for 400 years, or you’re lucky enough to find a few native American stone arrowheads or clay pots, there ain’t bupkus in the line of archaeological artifacts. Then again,I did dig up some old concrete the other day, I’m guessing about 70 years old due to its’ make up, and nobody remembers anything about this area (or wrote about it), so I have a little mini-project! I guess archeology is still archeology, even if only over a period of decades, not centuries!

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