MOD organisation structure released

The Government has released organisation diagrams of all Departments, including the Ministry of Defence. It makes for pretty interesting reading indeed.

The diagrams show just how many deparments there are in the MOD. The chains of command are incredibly complicated, with all manner of civilians and officers involved. In most cases the diagram shows how many civilians and militarty personnel work for each person or department. In total it runs to 48 pages, covering the MOD centrally, the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force.

The first interesting point is that the main components of each service – eg Fleet, Land Forces, Air Command, Permanent Joint Headquarters, Defence Estates and Defence Equipment and support – are treated as separate from their services when it comes to budgeting. Divide and conquer perhaps, by making the services financially separate from their main components?

Another thing that strikes me is just how many senior officers work in MOD Head Office, and also civilian civil servants, all on significant salaries. This probably accounts for the oft-quoted figures about how the armed forces have more Admirals than major surface ships.

Thought it might make interesting reading for my regulars!



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2 responses to “MOD organisation structure released

  1. There is currently a push here in the States to close an entity called (Don’t know if you get the peanut butter of the same name in your shops – otherwise, there’s some great nut jokes just itching to be told!) From my understanding of it, it is an analysis and co-operative organising command that processes information to pass on to the Joint Chiefs – the head guys in our equivalent of the MOD. So basically, they analyse, debate, and approve the items for the Joint Chiefs to analyse, debate, and approve. “Good morning, Department of Redundancy Department, how may I assist in helping you?”

  2. Surely MOD is a complex organistan – and this is what causes the problem?


    Army comes under LAND
    RN/RM are under NCHQ (was FLEET until the merger with 2SL/CINCNAVHOME so that the RN had only one toop level budget)
    RAF are under AIR

    DES and Defence Estates are seperate as they are not operational.

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