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Site news: landmarks!

Here at Daly History we’ve seen several landmarks in the past week or so.

Firstly – and some might say, incredily – we have now had over 25,000 hits on the site since we launched in July last year. Thats nothing short of incredible for a subject which, lets face it, is hardly cool or trendy. And whats better, the hit rate is continually increasing, week on week and month on month. May 2010 is the first month in which the site has had over 5,000 hits.

We have also had over 500 comments now on the site. This is pretty amazing, to think that what I write about gives people enough food for thought to say something. I’ve had comments leaving ideas, suggestions, even criticisms, and also sharing some personal stories. I’m glad Daly History has become the kind of site where people feel able to get involved and contribute – after all, history belong to all of us.

Thank you all so much for your support and interest!



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Solent Overlord Show 2010

Scimitar light tank

I spent a couple of hours earlier at the Solent Overlord Military Show 2010 at the Horndean Showground.

Organised by the Solent Overlord Executive, a group of military vehicle enthusiasts, this annual show brings together hundreds of military vehicles from the Second World War to the modern era – plenty of WW2 jeeps, half-tracks (includking a German one), several guns, a host of Land Rovers, Bren Gun Carrier, a Scimitar light tank, and an FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier. There was even a Rapier Unit to provide anti-aircraft cover!

Rapier 2000 anti-air missiles


It obviously takes real dedication to own and run a classic military vehicle. Obviously something like a WW2 military jeep is going to be harder to maintain than a Ford Focus. But there is usually something pretty redoubtable about a Jeep or a Land Rover. Military vehicle enthusiasts are a dedicated bunch. The only comment I would make, is that too few vehicles had any kind of information. I suppose I come from a museum background, but when I eventually get my Land Rover I will set up display boards about it, its history, the equipment, markings, and such like.

They might seem a bit nerdy but these kinds of shows are certainly popular, especially with the kids. And you can always see people huddled around vehicles, inspecting each others work and swapping notes. Throw in a host of military surplus stalls to rummage over, a beer tent and arena events and you’ve got a pretty good day out. And whats more, any surplus income from the show goes towards a suitable military charity, this year the Gurkha Welfare Fund.

Have a look at my flickr album of pics here – let me know if you can help identify any of the vehicles, or if I have made any mistakes!

56th (London) Division Jeep


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