Sergeant Bernard Taylor

While it is 70 years since the Germany Army invaded Holland, Belgium and France, we should also remember that in the Spring of 1940 British Forces were fighting in Norway.

46 Squadron of the Royal Air Force were operating Hurricane fighters at the start of the war, and was despatched to Norway aboard the Aircraft Carrier HMS Glorious on 14 May 1940. Their intended landing ground was found to be unsuitable, and they eventually landed at Bardufoss. After it was decided to evacuate British forces from Norway 46 Squadron were ordered to destroy their aircraft. However the Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader K.B.B. Cross, decided to attempt to land the aircraft back on HMS Glorious.

Squadron Leader Cross landed first, followed by the rest of his Squadron. However on the way home to the UK the Glorious was attacked by the Scharnhorst and sunk. From the ships crew and the flight crew of 46 Squadron only 46 men survived.

Among the flight crew from 46 Squadron who died was Sergeant Bernard Taylor, 23 and from Portsmouth. He has no known grave, and is remembered on the Runnymede Memorial.


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