Private Arthur and Rifleman Charles Merriott

Private Arthur Merriott, 19, was serving with the 1st Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment when he was killed on 23 December 1914. He has no known grave, and is remembered on the Le Touret Memorial in France.

Rifleman Charles Merriott, 23, was killed on 19 April 1917. He was serving with 1/8th Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment, a territorial unit, and is remembered on the Jerusalem Memorial.

Arthur and Charles Merriott were the sons of the late John and Agnes Merriott, of 47 Boulton Road, Southsea. We know that Arthur was educated at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Kent. This would suggest that the Merriotts were a military family, as the Duke of York’s School was for the children of servicemen. That Arthur was serving in a regular Battalion and killed early in the war in 1914 also suggests that he had joined the Army pre-war.



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2 responses to “Private Arthur and Rifleman Charles Merriott

  1. joyce

    l believe that one of the soldiers that helped with the Mosta church was SAM CILIA
    would like to no if any one heared or knows him he was only 18 when the bomb came down but so very well known and the things he made and done would love for someone to email me back

  2. Michelle

    Hi Joyce I was just wondering if the Mosta Church that you are talking about is the one in Malta? If so I believe that the person that you may be talking aout is in fact my Grandfather as he was a well educated man not to mention a Bomb Dismantler. I recall him telling me a story about a Bomb that went down in a Church and did not designate, he was one of the soldiers that had the pain staking jobs of dismantling it.

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