Private Bath and the Russian Civil War

Private V. Bath, of the Shropshire Light Infantry and attached to the 2nd Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment, was killed on 5 June 1919. He is buried in Archangel in North West Russia, and is also remembered on the Portsmouth First World War Memorial.

After the Russian Revolution in 1917, Allied forces fought alongside the White Russians against the Bolsheviks. In June 1918 a combined British and French troops landed in Archangel, to secure the strategically important port. In July they were joined by an American force. Another Portsmouth connection was provided by HM Monitor M33, which took part in the campaign and is now preserved in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

The Allies were hard pressed, however, and even after the armistice in November 1918 were short of troops. The North Russian Front was eventually evacuated in 1920. The Allies had missed the chance, in Winston Churchill’s words, to ‘strangle Communism at birth’.


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