Latest Falklands News: naval encounter and sub deployment

Something new crops up regarding the latest Falklands crisis every day, so until the situation calms down I ‘m going to give a daily analysis of the news.

It has emerged that on 28 January HMS York, the Royal Navy’s South Atlantic guardship, intercepted an Argentinian Navy Corvette that was approaching the area where exploratory drilling has recently started. The Drummond, a veteran of the 1982 Falklands War, apparently made an ‘innocent navigation error’, 10 miles inside the oil exploration area. HMS York radioed across and ‘encouraged’ her to change course. This incident can be seen in two ways – either the Argentine Navy’s seamanship is very poor, or they are acting provocatively. Much as Soviet and now Russian jets test UK airspace, perhaps Argentin was hoping to provoke a flashpoint?

In other navalnews, the Royal Navy today confirmed that a submarine has been deployed to the South Atlantic. Normally Submarine deployments are kept secret, so this news will have been made public as a clear signal to Buenos Aires. In all likelihood it is a Nuclear Attack Submarine carrying torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles. In 1982 the Black Buck Vulcan raids demonstrated to Argentina that British forces had the ability to strike at any point in Argentina. Only with Tomahawk there is much less risk and more precision. And the Argentine Navy will remember very well how after HMS Conqueror sunk the Belgrano their ships were virtually bottled up in port.

In political news Argentina’s Foreign Minister met today with the Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon, to press for support over the Falklands issues. Although the Foreign Minister emerged from the meeting uttering the same soundbites as other Argentinian leaders have recently, there has been a telling silence from Ban and the UN. Hopefully he is far too clever and impartial to be drawn into what is essentially South American power-play politics.



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8 responses to “Latest Falklands News: naval encounter and sub deployment

  1. AC

    It makes me nervous the thought that Argentinean Gov is being back by 32 other south american country’s to stop us from drilling. Let’s hope they do not act on this, that’s last thing Britain needs another Front to fight.

  2. Fenton

    As long as the Labour administration keeps it’s nerve & refuses to cave in to Argentine ‘demands’ I can’t see this escalating any further. However , Britain does need to continue to keep a viable military / Naval prescence in the South Atlantic & not rely on lightly armed patrol vessels to deter argentine aggression. Destroyers / Frigates & SSN’s need to be regularly deployed & the RAF contribution of four Typhoons should be increased.

  3. James Daly

    I agree Fenton, a small but well-planned ‘flying-the-flag’ exercise down south might make the Argentine Government quieten down. Especially with the asbsence of Endurance and the uncertainty around her replacement.

  4. shane

    Britain current capability in armed conficlts around the world will not be stretched by an escalation in the south atlantic, Argentina is in no position to escalate, a clear case of wagging the dog

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  6. Who would have imagined that a new Tory led Government would weaken the UK’s position?

    But hey, why not ignore history?

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