Site News – 10,000 not out!

Some time last night my total number of visits passed the 10,000 mark. I never thought for one moment that 100 people woul read what I had to say, let alone 10,000. Thank you so much to you all, it really means much to me that people like to read what i say. Here’s to the next 10,000!

I have recetly started a flickr account, if you look at the ‘Daly links’ bar o the right its there, and also further down on the right is a preview of some of my recent pictures. At the moment I have quite a few pictures of warships in and around Pompey, but I will try and take my camera with me wherever I go, and record what I see and do.

I’m also pleased to announce that I have been asked to be an occasional guest blogger for the new relaunched range of Shire books, which now come under the auspices of Osprey. Keep an eye out for more information very soon!

Finally I’ve just got in from giving a talk to the Portsmouth Museums and Records Society at the D-Day Museum, which I enjoyed immensely. My voice held out – it has been weak recently thanks to my winter long cough! I had the chance to speak to many of the audience afterwards who shared their own families wartime experiences with me. I was very humbled when one nice person called me ‘Portsmouth’s answer to Dan Snow’!



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9 responses to “Site News – 10,000 not out!

  1. Mike Burleson

    Well done and very well deserved! I notice much of the talking points on the current Falklands crisis, you said a while back here on your blog! Some are more prescient than others.

    Again, well done and thanks so much for your continued excellent postings.

  2. James Daly

    Thank you very much for your kind words Mike, and indeed thank you for your support – a fair amount of those 10,000 visits came from your citing of my articles!

    About my Falklands articles, I did get some snobby comments from some quarters – probably because I didn’t talk about the minute specifications of every missile system! To quote one critic, ‘its not exactly rocket science’ – and quite right too, only rocket scientists understand rocket science.

    The Falklands oil issue should give us some interesting food for thought in the coming months…

  3. Mike Burleson

    “I did get some snobby comments from some quarters”

    Yeah, get that a lot. Just because you aren’t expert on every possible system, doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion. There are many out there who disavow a layman’s view. I try not to disrepsect anyone’s thoughts, even when they are really “out there”.

    Need more common sense in government and especially defense (defence), fewer so called “experts”.

  4. James Daly

    Well like you said Mike, most of what I said has come true in the past few weeks and has been discussed in the newspapers and the like, I think that says it all.

    Military history has been far too high and mighty for far too long, it simply doesnt do to preclude people or to make it inaccessible. Your views arent more important simply because you know about ther bandwidth of a particular weapons radar. History is not just the minute specifics, its in the broader analysis.

    The guys who died at Ypres or at Arnhem were ordinary blokes, the men who went down on the Hood or Sheffield were ordinary blokes, so why shouldn’t we try and bring military issues to ordinary people?

  5. Mike Burleson

    Something between the Mainstream Media and the technical journals! I have written for editors and they had insisted on my getting very technical, which I am uncomfortable with, and often bored with. I suppose that is why I am taken with history, which is just filled with exiting stories and interesting characters.

    So you don’t let the critics get you down. You must be doing something right, as the number of visitors prove! I am big believer in following the numbers.

  6. James Daly

    I remember writing my undergraduate dissertation on a 19th Century nautical instrument maker. To this day people still ask me wonderfully technical questions about compasses and sextants, about which I have no idea, because I’m a Historian and not a Scientist!

    As with so many things in life I think a kind of ‘middle way’ approach is best. Make it easy and understandable, but not dumbed down. Dip into the technical stuff, but dont get swamped by it. I’m just an ordinary bloke who happens to like history.

  7. Mike Burleson

    Yeah, try to get along with everyone. We have some tech guys who hang out at New Wars, and they just fit right in. Regular guys. I often ask their advice.

    The “snooty” ones pop up occasionally, gripe a little then they are gone for a while. The regulars make it worthwhile and keep you coming back.

  8. James Daly

    I think what people really forget is that any warship or Army unit is made up of different people with different expertise, working together. I’m always interested to hear about the technology from people who understand it.

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