Sergeant Frederick Seiler

Frederick Seiler, 30 and From North End, was a Sergeant (Flight Engineer) and a crew member of Lancaster LM650, KM-T of 44 Squadron.

On 1 November 1944 Seiler was onboard KM-T for a raid against a synthetic oil plant at Meerbeck, near Homberg in the Ruhr. Taking off from RAF Spilsby at 1.42pm, this was to be a daylight raid – a most unusual occurence indeed. Flak over the target seriously damaged the aircraft, and the Pilot, Flying Officer Haworth, was killed. The Wireless Operator, Flight Sergeant Walters took over the controls and managed to fly the damaged aircraft back across the Channel.

Once over Southern England Walters ordered the crew to bale out. All manged to exit the aircraft, including Walters. However, Sergeant Seilers parachute failed to deploy properly and he was killed on impact. The aircraft crashed at 5.45pm near Battle in East Sussex.

Sergeant Seiler is buried in Eastbourne (Langney) Cemetery, East Sussex.


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