Lieutenant Commander William Hussey DSO DSC

HMS Lively in Malta

HMS Lively in Malta

So far, Lieutenant-Commander William Hussey DSO DSC is the most highly decorated person from Portsmouth to have died during the Second World War.

In command of the Destroyer HMS Vesper, Hussey was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for succesful action against enemy Submarines while deployed on ant-Submarine patrols in the English Channel and the South West Approaches. His DSC was gazetted on 23 December 1939. Hussey also commanded the Vesper when she took part in the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.

In 1942, Hussey was in command of HMS Lively, another destroyer. He was awarded the Distinguished Service order for action against an enemy Convoy near Malta, as part of Force K. His DSO was Gazetted on 24 February 1942.

In addition, Lt-Cdr. Hussey was Mentioned in Despatches three times during the Second World War.

After prolonged service in the Mediterranean during 1942, escorting Allied Convoys, attacking Axis Convoys and even taking on Italian Battleships, HMS Lively was sunk on 11 May 1942, after heavy dive bombing attacks. She sank quickly in a position 100 miles North East of Tobruk on the North African Coast.

77 of her crew were killed, including Lieutenant-Commander Hussey. He and many of his crew are remembered on the Plymouth Naval Memorial.


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