Petition to save the RFA

Save the RFA

Save the RFA

There is a petition on the 10 Downing Street website to save the RFA from looming defence cuts.

Here is the text uploaded by the person who started the petition:

“The RFA have supplied our Royal Navy (and allies) for over a century – they carry everything from ammunition to troops – oil to foodstuff and become RN Reserve in the theatre of war. They assist in anti drug running and preventing piracy. The RFA is manned by highly trained, professional, civilian crews committed to the defence of this country – prepared to take up arms to do so. Given the Queen’s Colours last year for their tremendous yet often unnoticed achievements, we should not forget many RFA members have died in the defence of the UK. We do not want the security of our RN or the UK compromised by replacing RFA ships and crews with a private company and who knows who – with access to who knows what! They are the very backbone to the RN – without the RFA they would go nowhere! We do not need this risk to the defence of the realm and the people within it!”


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