Victoria Cross Heroes – Rambahadur Limbu VC

Rambahadur Limbu VC

Rambahadur Limbu VC

A lot has been said about the Gurkhas recently. In fact, its almost become trendy to wade into an argument with some kind of pro-Gurkha stance. Even the British National Party have done it. But read up about them, and they’re even more impressive. Fine fellows they are, and we should be under no illusions or take for granted what a fantastic service they have given us for many years. Every account I have ever read praises them no end, and every ex-serviceman I have ever spoken to who has worked with them has nothing but good words to say about Johnny Gurkha. And especially about their fearsome curries. It has been said that ‘If a man says he is not afraid, he is either a lair or a Gurkha’. Not only are they incredible fighters, reportedly their behaviour is exemplary – disciplinary problems in a Gurkha Battalion are non existant. And small and modest men they might be, but it would be a foolhardy person indeed to start trouble in a pub full of Gurkhas.

For a relatively small contingent in the British Army, the Gurkhas have long punched well above their weight when it comes to honours. 16 Gurkhas have won Victoria Crosses, 13 of them native Gurkhas and 3 British officers serving with them. Perhaps the most inspiring story is that of Lance Corporal Rambahadur Limbu, who won his VC in Borneo in 1965, in the war against Communist Guerillas, a kind of war that the Gurkhas excel at time and time again.

“…Leading his support group in the van of the attack he could see the nearest trench and in it a sentry manning a machine gun. Determined to gain first blood he inched himself forward until… he was seen and the sentry opened fire, immediately wounding a man to his right. Rushing forward he reached the enemy trench… and killed the sentry, thereby gaining for the attacking force a foothold on the objective …with a complete disregard for the hail of fire he got together and led his fire group to a better fire position…

…he saw both men of his own group seriously wounded… and… immediately commenced… to rescue his comrades …he crawled forward, in full view of at least two enemy machine gun posts who concentrated their fire on him… but… was driven back by the accurate and intense…fire…After a pause he started again…

Rushing forward he hurled himself on the ground beside one of the wounded and calling for support from two light machine guns…he picked up the man and carried him to safety… Without hesitation he immediately returned… for the other wounded man and carried him back… through he hail of enemy bullets. It had taken twenty minutes to complete this gallant action and the events leading up to it. For all but a few seconds this Non-Commissioned Officer had been moving alone in full view of the enemy and under the continuous aimed fire of their automatic weapons. …His outstanding personal bravery, selfless conduct, complete contempt of the enemy and determination to save the lives of the men of his fire group set an incomparable example and inspired all who saw him

Finally… Lance Corporal Rambahadur was… responsible for killing four more enemy as they attempted to escape…”



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