Flying Officer Alan Bateman

Flying Officer Alan Bateman

Flying Officer Alan Bateman

I was contacted yesterday by Justine Hadden, who has produced a fascinating blog about her ancestor, Flying Officer Alan Bateman.

Bateman was a Bomber Pilot who was shot down in a Stirling Bomber over Southern Denmark in 1942. He was held in Stalag Luft III at Sagan, and was about to descend into the tunnel on the legendary Great Escape, when the plan was discovered by the Germans. He then took part in the infamous Long Marches during the last winter of the war, before being liberated in 1945.

I strongly reccomend having a read of Justine’s blog, which tells Alan’s story. It can be found by clicking here



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9 responses to “Flying Officer Alan Bateman

  1. Vijay


    Happy to see such an informative blog; it’s like bringing different aspects of history into public realm. Keep your passion for history on the lead & I look forward to read more updates.


  2. dalyhistory

    Hi Vijay, thank you for your comment and I’m glad you find my blog interesting!

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