Historian chic?

Isn’t it funny how certain jobs seem to have their own informal uniform? Without there being any written down rules, certain professions just seem to dress a certain way. And Historians seem to be no exception.

As far as I can tell, the dress code for your average historian is cordurouy trousers, a tweed jacket or something similar, and scary looking facial hair. For extra Historian-ness, a handkerchief in your jacket pocket and a sensible briefcase type bag full of inane notes really works. Wear braces and you’re Historian royalty. Some of the Historians I’ve seen at work in various places could have walked straight off of the set of All Creatures Great and Small.

The History Department of the University of Darrowby

The History Department of the University of Darrowby

Try walking into a Museum or an Archive to do some research, wearing an Ozzy Osbourne or Metallica T-shirt. Somehow, no-one seems to think you could possible be doing anything worthwhile. But walk into the same place with a side-parting and suitably attired and you could pass off as the leading authority on the history of bilingual ferret stuffing in norther Somerset.


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