This week on TV – 6 Sept

Heres this weeks highlights of all things historical on the Box!

On Sunday on Channel 4 Atlantic Convoys – The War at Sea explores how Allied Convoys used cutting-edge technology to fight back against German U-Boats (Channel 4, 1900).

On Monday we’ve got quite a few interesting programmes. Land Girls follows the lives of young women who joined the Land Army at the start of WW2. Continues at the same time all week. (BBC1, 1715) .

Also on Monday Dispatches – Battle Scarred looks at the lives of four soldiers who have been left with serious psychiatric problems following service in Iraq and Afghanistan (Channel 4, 2000).

Finally on Monday, Warship follows Royal Marines on exercise in Malaysia, then competing in a field-gun run onboard HMS Bulwark (Five, 2100).

On Wednesday we see that the credit crunch is nothing new, in 1929 – the Great Crash. In the Wall Street crash shares plummeted dramatically, causing the loss of $25bn of personal wealth and untold suffering across the world (BBC2, 1900).

On Five Building the Ultimate – the History of artillery (Five, 1930) is followed by World War One in Colour. Lord Kitcheners famous call up inspires millions of Britons to volunteer. (Five, 2000).

On Friday in this weeks installment of The Tudors Cromwell arranged for Henry VIII to marry Ann of Cleves (BBC2, 2100).

And finally on Saturday BBC2 are showing an episode of Dads Army. Not sure which episode, but they’re all classic (BBC2, 1900).


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