Britain at War magazine

The latest issue of Britain at War hit the shelves not long ago.

The magazine covers a history of conflict, from the First World War, the Second World War and conflicts through to the present day. Issue 22 (February 2009) featured ‘Researching a Red Beret’ by yours truly.

This months issue includes the excavations of first world war soldiers Graves at Fromelles, the attack on the Argentinian Submarine Santa Fe at South Georgia, a profile of the first ever tank, ‘Little Willie’, the ’14-nil’ tank battle in Southern Iraq in the Iraq War of 2003, the story of the ghost village of Tyneham, and the discovery of a third airtworthy Avro Lancaster. Also included are the briefing post news section, letters page, book reviews and a detailed ‘debrief’ section.

Britain at War is out on the last Friday of every month, and strikes a fine balance between readability and strong, original research. I pick up my copies in WH Smith, most branches have it on sale.

Click here to find out more about Britain at War


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