Book of the week #3 – The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

I’m often told that I dont read enough ficition, And particularly fiction that doesnt have tanks in it.

One of the best novels that I HAVE read in a very long time has to be this epic effort from Ken Follett. For the faint hearted it is not, it truly is a book to get lost in. Neither is it a book to be rushed by any means, 1,000 pages will take a long time to get through no matter how quickly you read. But if you are interested in medieval England, romance, treachery, deceit, determination, good, evil, the whole range of human behaviours and emotions encapsulated, then this book is for you. You really cannot help but feel like you’re being take inside the characters minds and lives.

As for the story, it isnt so much a story but a lifetime. And then another. Most other writers would have published the same book as several smaller novels, but the scale of the book reflects the stature of Prior Phillip’s Cathedral. To try and describe the plot here would be to detract from the book. Suffice to say that with some very clever and detailed crafting of some believable and illuminating characters, the story plays second fiddle to the people of Kingsbridge and their lives.

Follett’s historical research is pretty sound too, which isnt always the case with historical novels. Too ofen authors write historical fiction in a modern style, then merely garnish it with some token historical references as an afterthought. This isnt a modern story dressed up with some historical trinkets, its an honest and well-thought construction in Olde Englande. It would make a cracking – albeit probably 5 hour long – film.

The Pillars of the Earth – click here to buy!


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