Portsmouth Heroes update

Well folks, we’re nearing the finish line!

I’ve ‘finished’ over 96% of the text for Portsmouth‘s Second World War Heroes. 15 out of 18 chapters are finished, as well as the Introduction. The remaining three chapters need a bit of beefing up but then we’re done, and the work begins on proof-reading, proof-reading, and then proof-reading again!

The hard work really is proving to be in sourcing illustrations. With up to 40 illustrations up for grabs, I am in a quandry trying to illustrate the book well, but not breaking the bank in doing it. As I have written before, institutions charge an arm and a leg for reproducing their images – prohibitively high charges make it difficult, especially for those of us working on low print run, specialised books. A number of relatives have been very helpful and supplied me with some useful images, as has John Sadden the Archivist at Portsmouth Grammar School and Debbie Corner at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

I’m going to be off out taking some pictures myself – war memorials, gravestones and local military sites. I am also going to be trawling sites like flickr looking for public domain or royalties free images I can use.

One more thing that has occured to me is that it might be an idea to get some maps drawn up – and I have absolutely no idea how to go about it, having no experience or talent in graphic design! We’re talking very basic here – black and white, basic info such as coastline, towns and cities, rivers, arrows for troops movements or perhaps plotting the location of a ship at Sea. Anyone got any ideas?

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7 responses to “Portsmouth Heroes update

  1. x

    Are you asking about a package to do the drawing?


    Or for somebody to do the drawing for you? May I suggest you contact whoever runs adult education in Pompey. There is bound to be a budding artist (or ar teacher) who would be interested in an unusual project.

    • James Daly

      I’m thinking it might be good to give a little project to some budding designer, might be good for somebody’s CV!

  2. John Erickson

    For photos, you might want to also check http://www.istockphoto.com. All the images are supposed to be free, as the “stock” name suggests. (I’ve never tried to use any of the images professionally, so I can’t confirm the free status).

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